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The very variable Ophrys morisii is an endemism of the islands Sardinia and Corse. Some authors assume a hybridogene development from Ophrys crabronifera and Ophrys panormitana subsp. praecox. As for most Ophrys of the argolica group the pollinator is a bee of genus Anthophora, in this case Anthophora sicheli.

The last photos, which have been taken near the cave of Ispinigola in eastern Sardinia, are showing the close relation of Ophrys morisii to Ophrys crabronifera and pollinensis, which frequently have a trilobed appendix and that dense ring of hairs around the lip. At the site there are all kinds of intermediates from Ophrys morisii to orchids, which would be called Ophrys pollinensis if found in the Italian mainland.

Ophrys morisii
Sardinia Ussassai 6.4.2000

Ophrys morisii
left:   Sardinia Laconi 19.5.2001
right: Sardinia Luogosanto 3.4.2000


Ophrys morisii
Sardinia Ogliastra, Ispinigola 5.4.2000

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