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Already in 1768 Ophrys sphegodes has been described from county Kent in Southern England. Long time most of the other orchids which are shown in these web pages have also been counted to Ophrys sphegodes, many of these have only been separated in the last years of the 20. century. In Central Europe and England Ophrys sphegodes s.str. is pollinated by the bees Andrena nigroaenea and limata.

In 2002 ERROL VELA wrote an article in L'Orchidophile 33 (154) to prove that "aranifera" is the correct name of the orchid, while "sphegodes" shall have meant Ophrys apifera and / or holoserica then.

The Spanish Ophrys sphegodes often has big petals and / or an arachnitiforme touch. Very rarely also sphegodes with coloured petals can be found in Eastern Spain.

Whether the three last Italian and Croatian orchids shown in the lower row are Ophrys sphegodes s.str., too, has to be clearified by further investigation.

Ophrys sphegodes
left:   D Palatina 6.5.2003
right: D Taubergießen 18.5.2003

Ophrys sphegodes
left:   D Taubergießen 27.5.1985
right: D Saarland Gersheim 18.5.1988

Ophrys sphegodes
left:   F Corbières, Bugarach 1.5.2002
right: F Grenoble 4.5.2004


Ophrys sphegodes
E Catalunya Vic 6.5.2000

Ophrys sphegodes
left:   E Navarra, Pamplona 26.5.2002
right: E Navarra, Pamplona 21.5.2003

Ophrys sphegodes
left:   E La Rioja, Haro 22.5.2003
right: E Alava, Ocio 22.5.2003


Ophrys sphegodes
E Prov. Teruel, La Iglesuela del Cid 24.5.2004

Ophrys sphegodes
left:   E Prov. Cuenca, Huelamo 26.5.2004
right: I Abruzzo Isernia 6.6.2002

Ophrys sphegodes
left:   I Prov. Cosenza, Sant'Agata di Esaro 22.4.2003
right: I Prov. Cosenza, Sant'Agata di Esaro 9.5.1989

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