Photos of European Orchids acc. to English Names
Not all european orchids have an english name.
Fotos europäischer Orchideen nach Englischen Namen
Nicht alle europäischen Orchideen haben einen englischen Namen.

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Vorschaubild Art, Unterart, Varietät, Form Sectio   Missbildung
Preview pict.Species, Subspecies, Variety, Forma Section Deformation
Preview image Calabrian Helleborine   Epipactis calabrica   Helleborinae I
Calypso Bee Orchid   Ophrys calypsus   Umbilicatae Chi GR Rho Sam
Calypso   Calypso bulbosa   - S
Canary Orchid   Orchis canariensis   Patentes Ten
Candia Bee Orchid   Ophrys candica   Fuciflorae I Kre Rho
Cantabrian Orchid   Dactylorhiza cantabrica   Sambucinae E
Carian Serapias   Serapias orientalis subsp. carica   - Rho Sam
Carmel Bee Orchid   Ophrys carmeli   Umbilicatae IL
Carmel Bee Orchid   Ophrys orientalis   Umbilicatae Zyp
Carmel Bee Orchid   Ophrys umbilicata   Umbilicatae Chi Rho Sam
Carpatian Marsh Orchid   Dactylorhiza traunsteineri subsp. carpatica   Latifoliae CZ
Caspian Butterfly Orchid   Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. schirwanica   Papilionaceae Zyp
Castlian Bee Orchid   Ophrys castellana   Araneiferae E
Catalonian Bee Orchid   Ophrys catalaunica   Bertoloniorum E F
Caucasian Bee Orchid   Ophrys caucasica   Mammosae AZ
Caucasian Helleborine   Cephalanthera caucasica   - AZ
Caucasian Lizard Orchid   Himantoglossum formosum   - AZ
Caucasian Orchid   Orchis caucasica   Militares AZ
Caucasian Orchid, Southern   Anacamptis morio subsp. caucasica   Moriones Chi GR HR Les RO Rho Sam
Cazorla Orchid   Orchis cazorlensis   Patentes E
Cedar Orchid   Ophrys kedra   Fusci GR Kre
Cenis Vanilla Orchid, Mont   Nigritella cenisia   - F
Cephalonia Bee Orchid   Ophrys cephaloniensis   Umbilicatae Kef
Cephalonia Orchid   Ophrys exaltata subsp. cephalonica   Araneiferae GR HR
Ceto Bee Orchid   Ophrys ceto   Umbilicatae GR
Chesterman's Orchid   Ophrys chestermanii   Fuciflorae Sar
Chios Bee Orchid   Ophrys chiosica   Fuciflorae Chi
Cilento Bee Orchid   Ophrys cilentana   Araneiferae I
Cilento Serapias   Serapias bergonii subsp. cilentana   - I
Cilician Orchid   Ophrys cilicica   Reinholdiae TR
Cinnabar Bee Orchid   Ophrys cinnabarina   Fuciflorae I
Climax Mountains Bee Orchid   Ophrys climacis   Argolicae TR
Common Fragrant Orchid   Gymnadenia conopsea s.l.   - A D F GB HR I NL
Common Fragrant Orchid   Gymnadenia conopsea s.l. farbvariante_color-variant   - A D SLO
Common Spotted Orchid   Dactylorhiza fuchsii   Maculatae A CH D Est F GB HR I IRL NL SLO
Common Spotted Orchid   Dactylorhiza fuchsii forma albiflora   Maculatae D GB I
Common Spotted Orchid   Dactylorhiza fuchsii forma rhodochila   Maculatae GB
Common Twayblade   Listera ovata   - A D F GB HR I IRL Kre Sar
Conical Orchid   Neotinea conica   Tridentatae E F Mal
Conrad's Bee Orchid, Madame   Ophrys conradiae   Umbilicatae Sar
Coral-root Orchid   Corallorrhiza trifida   - A D F HR I S
Corbières Bee Orchid   Ophrys corbariensis   Umbilicatae E F
Cornelia's Vanilla Orchid   Nigritella corneliana   - F
Corsian Yellow Bee Orchid   Ophrys corsica   Fusci (Luteae) Sar
Creberrima Bee Orchid   Ophrys creberrima   Fusci Kre
Creeping Lady's-Tresses   Goodyera repens   - A D F PL S
Crescent Ophrys   Ophrys lunulata   Araneiferae Siz
Cretan Bee Orchid   Ophrys cretica   Reinholdiae GR Kre
Cretan Bee Orchid   Ophrys cretica subsp. bicornuta   Reinholdiae Kre
Cretan Dull Orchid   Ophrys creticola   Fusci Kre
Cretan Dull Orchid   Ophrys phaidra   Fusci Kre
Cretan Helleborine   Epipactis cretica   Helleborinae Kre
Cretan Lizard Orchid   Himantoglossum samariense   - Kre
Cretan Serapias   Serapias cordigera subsp. cretica   - Kre
Cretan Spider Orchid   Ophrys cretensis   Araneiferae Kre
Crete Orchid   Orchis prisca   Patentes Kre
Curved-Flower Bee Orchid   Ophrys apifera var. curviflora   Apiferae D
Cyprus Bee Orchid   Ophrys kotschyi   Reinholdiae Zyp
Cythera Bee Orchid   Ophrys candica subsp. cytherea   Fuciflorae GR
Cythera Pyramidal Orchid   Anacamptis pyramidalis subsp. cerigensis   Anacamptis GR
Dalmatian Bee Orchid   Ophrys flavicans   Bertoloniorum HR
Dark-red Helleborine   Epipactis atrorubens   Atrorubentae A D F I IRL Let PL
Darklip Orchid   Ophrys melena   Fusci (Luteae) GR
Darklip Orchid, Early   Ophrys praemelena   Fusci (Luteae) GR
Delforge's Ophrys   Ophrys delforgei   Fusci F
Delphi Orchid   Ophrys delphinensis   Argolicae GR
Dense-Flowered Fragrant Orchid   Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. densiflora   - F GB IRL
Dense-Leaved Helleborine   Epipactis helleborine subsp. densifolia   Helleborinae TR
Dense-flowered Orchid   Neotinea maculata   Tridentatae Chi E F GR HR I Kre Mal Rho Sam Ten Zyp
Dinarian Helleborine   Epipactis leptochila subsp. dinarica   Helleborinae HR
Dinarian Orchid   Ophrys dinarica   Fuciflorae HR I
Dinsmore's Orchid   Anacamptis laxiflora subsp. dinsmorei   Laxiflorae IL
Doerfler's Orchid   Ophrys doerfleri   Mammosae Kre
Dolomites Vanilla Orchid   Nigritella dolomitensis   - I
Double-Crescent Bee Orchid   Ophrys bilunulata   Fusci F I
Drome Late Spider Orchid   Ophrys fuciflora subsp. demangei   Fuciflorae F I
Drome Ophrys   Ophrys drumana   Bertoloniorum F
Dull Bee Orchid, Small-Flowered   Ophrys cinereophila   Fusci Chi Kre Rho Zyp
Dull Bee Orchid, Smaller-Flowered   Ophrys subfusca   Fusci E F Mal
Dull Ophrys   Ophrys fusca   Fusci P
Dull Ophrys   Ophrys fusca s.l.   Fusci Kre
Dull Ophrys   Ophrys fusca s.l. Mallorca   Fusci Mal
Dull Ophrys, Malaga   Ophrys malacitana   Fusci E
Dull Orchid   Ophrys forestieri   Fusci E F Siz
Dull Orchid, Cretan   Ophrys creticola   Fusci Kre
Dull Orchid, Cretan   Ophrys phaidra   Fusci Kre
Dull Orchid, Furrowed   Ophrys sulcata   Fusci F I
Dull Orchid, Minuscule   Ophrys perpusilla   Fusci GR
Dull Orchid, Smallest   Ophrys parvula   Fusci Rho
Dune Helleborine   Epipactis dunensis   Helleborinae GB
Dune Marsh Orchid   Dactylorhiza coccinea   Incarnatae GB IRL
Durance Late Spider Orchid   Ophrys druentica   Fuciflorae F
Dutch Helleborine   Epipactis neerlandica   Helleborinae D DK GB
Early Darklip Orchid   Ophrys praemelena   Fusci (Luteae) GR
Early Marsh Orchid   Dactylorhiza incarnata   Incarnatae CH D F
Early Ophrys   Ophrys panormitana subsp. praecox   Araneiferae Cor Sar
Early Purple Orchid   Orchis mascula   Masculae D F I IRL S Sam
Early Purple Orchid   Orchis mascula deformation   Masculae F
Early Purple Orchid, Splendid   Orchis mascula subsp. speciosa   Masculae A F HR I RO
Early Pyramidal Orchid   Anacamptis berica   Anacamptis I
Early Spider Orchid   Ophrys sphegodes   Araneiferae A D E F HR I Siz
Early Spider Orchid   Ophrys sphegodes farbvariante_color-variant   Araneiferae HR
Early Thripti Orchid   Ophrys thriptiensis   Fusci Kre
Easter Orchid, Small-Flowered   Ophrys minipassionis   Araneiferae I
Eastern Butterfly Orchid   Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. messenica   Papilionaceae GR
Eastern Hooded Helleborine   Cephalanthera epipactoides   - Chi Les
Eastern Lizard Orchid   Himantoglossum affine   - TR
Eastern Mirror Orchid   Ophrys speculum subsp. orientalis   Ciliatae GR Rho
Eastern Sawfly Orchid   Ophrys villosa s.l.   Tenthrediniferae GR
Eastern Violet Helleborine   Epipactis condensata   Helleborinae Zyp
Elder-flower Orchid   Dactylorhiza sambucina   Sambucinae A D E F GR HR I
Eleanor Bee Orchid   Ophrys eleonorae   Fusci (Iricolores) Sar Tun
Elegant Bee Orchid   Ophrys elegans   Argolicae Zyp
Elegant Marsh Orchid   Anacamptis palustris subsp. elegans   Laxiflorae HR Kre Les RO TR
Elisabeth's Small-flowered Bee Orchid   Ophrys minutula   Umbilicatae Chi Les
Epirus Orchid   Ophrys epirotica   Araneiferae GR
Episcopi Bee Orchid   Ophrys episcopalis   Fuciflorae Kre
Estonian Orchid   Dactylorhiza vironii   Latifoliae Est
Etna Spider Orchid   Ophrys sphegodes subsp. grassoana   Araneiferae Siz
Etruscian Helleborine   Epipactis etrusca   Helleborinae I
Fabrella Orchid   Ophrys fabrella   Fusci Mal
Fairy Slipper Orchid   Calypso bulbosa   - S
False Bertoloni Bee Orchid   Ophrys bertoloniiformis   Bertoloniorum I
False Black Orchid   Ophrys pseudoatrata   Araneiferae I
False Spider Orchid   Ophrys exaltata subsp. arachnitiformis   Araneiferae E F I
False Spider Orchid   Ophrys exaltata subsp. arachnitiformis deformation   Araneiferae F
False Spider Orchid   Ophrys exaltata subsp. arachnitiformis farbvariante_color-variant   Araneiferae F
False Violet Helleborine   Epipactis pseudopurpurata   Helleborinae SK
Fan-Lipped Orchid   Anacamptis collina   Saccatae Kre Rho Siz Zyp
Fascinating Spider Orchid   Ophrys incantata   Araneiferae HR
Feldweg's Serapias   Serapias feldwegiana   - TR
Fen Marsh Orchid   Dactylorhiza ochroleuca   Incarnatae D Lie
Fen Orchid, Narrow-Leaved   Liparis loeselii   - D I Lie
Fen Orchid, Welsh   Liparis loeselii var. ovata   - GB
Fen Orchid, Wood   Liparis nemoralis   - A I
Few-Flowered Orchid   Orchis pauciflora   Masculae GR HR I Kre
Few-Flowered Vanilla Orchid   Nigritella hygrophila var. pauciflora   - SLO
Flame Bee Orchid   Ophrys flammeola   Fusci Siz
Flecked Marsh Orchid   Dactylorhiza cruenta   Incarnatae CH Est F I
Fleet Bee Orchid   Ophrys classica   Araneiferae I
Fleischmann's Ophrys   Ophrys fleischmannii   Fusci (Omegaiferae) Kre
Fly Orchid   Ophrys insectifera   Musciferae A D E F I IRL
Fly Orchid   Ophrys insectifera farbvariante_color-variant   Musciferae D
Fly Orchid, Small-Flowered   Ophrys subinsectifera   Musciferae E
Fool's-Cap Bee Orchid   Ophrys morio   Mammosae Zyp
Foresta Umbra Helleborine   Epipactis leptochila subsp. umbrae   Helleborinae I
Forgotten Bee Orchid   Ophrys oblita   Fuciflorae IL TR
Four-spotted Orchid   Orchis quadripunctata   Pusillae GR HR I Kre Les
Fragrant Orchid   Anacamptis coriophora subsp. fragrans   Coriophorae F GR HR I Kre Les Mal P Rho Sam Sar
Fragrant Orchid, Common   Gymnadenia conopsea s.l.   - A D F GB HR I NL
Fragrant Orchid, Common   Gymnadenia conopsea s.l. farbvariante_color-variant   - A D SLO
Fragrant Orchid, Dense-Flowered   Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. densiflora   - F GB IRL
Fragrant Orchid, Heath   Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. borealis   - GB N
Fragrant Orchid, Pyrenean   Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. pyrenaica   - E F
Fragrant Orchid, Short-spurred   Gymnadenia odoratissima   - A D I SLO
Fragrant Orchid, Short-spurred   Gymnadenia odoratissima deformation   - A D I
Freiburg Bee Orchid   Ophrys apifera var. botteronii   Apiferae D
French Green-Veined Orchid   Anacamptis picta   Moriones F P
Frivald's Frog Orchid   Gymnadenia frivaldii   - GR
Frog Orchid   Coeloglossum viride   - A D F GB I IRL
Frog Orchid, Frivald's   Gymnadenia frivaldii   - GR
Frog Orchid, Pink   Neottianthe cucullata   - PL
Furrowed Dull Orchid   Ophrys sulcata   Fusci F I

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