Photos of European Orchids acc. to English Names
Not all european orchids have an english name.
Fotos europäischer Orchideen nach Englischen Namen
Nicht alle europäischen Orchideen haben einen englischen Namen.

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Vorschaubild Art, Unterart, Varietät, Form Sectio   Missbildung
Preview pict.Species, Subspecies, Variety, Forma Section Deformation
Preview image Gabas Vanilla Orchid   Nigritella gabasiana   - E F
Gack's Ophrys   Ophrys gackiae   Fusci Siz
Galilee Orchid   Orchis galilaea   Punctulatae IL
Garda Bee Orchid, Lake   Ophrys benacensis   Bertoloniorum I
Gargano Bee Orchid   Ophrys garganica subsp. garganica   Araneiferae I Siz
Gargano Helleborine   Epipactis garganica   Helleborinae I
Gargano Orchid   Ophrys oestrifera subsp. montis-gargani   Umbilicatae I
Gascogne Orchid   Ophrys vasconica   Fusci (Omegaiferae) E F
Gennaria, Two-Leaved   Gennaria diphylla   - P Pal Sar Ten
Gentil's Serapias   Serapias cordigera subsp. gentilii   - P
Georgian Orchid   Dactylorhiza iberica   Iberanthus GR TR Zyp
Ghost Orchid   Epipogium aphyllum   - A D
Giant Orchid   Barlia robertiana   - Chi F GR Kre Mal Rho Sam Sar
Giant Orchid, Metlesics'   Barlia metlesicsiana   - Ten
Glandular-Lip Orchid   Orchis adenocheila   Militares AZ
Gleaming Bee Orchid   Ophrys splendida   Araneiferae F
Globe Orchid   Traunsteinera globosa   - A D F HR I SLO
Globe Orchid   Traunsteinera globosa farbvariante_color-variant   - A
Gortyn Ophrys   Ophrys gortynia   Araneiferae Kre
Gottfried Keller's Bee Orchid   Ophrys gottfriediana   Mammosae GR
Grammos Orchid   Ophrys grammica   Araneiferae GR HR Kef Kre
Grammos Orchid   Ophrys grammica farbvariante_color-variant   Araneiferae GR
Gravina Bee Orchid   Ophrys gravinensis   Araneiferae I
Greater Butterfly Orchid   Platanthera chlorantha   - A D F GR I NL
Greater Butterfly Orchid   Platanthera chlorantha deformation   - D
Greek Orchid   Dactylorhiza graeca   Latifoliae GR
Greek Yellow Bee Orchid   Ophrys hellenica   Fusci (Luteae) GR
Green Orchid, Northern   Platanthera hyperborea   - Isl
Green-Veined Orchid   Anacamptis champagneuxii   Moriones E F
Green-Veined Orchid, French   Anacamptis picta   Moriones F P
Green-Winged Orchid   Anacamptis morio   Moriones A D F I
Green-flowered Helleborine   Epipactis phyllanthes   Helleborinae DK E F GB
Green-flowered Helleborine, Welsh   Epipactis phyllanthes var. cambrensis   Helleborinae GB
Green-spotted Orchid   Orchis patens   Patentes I
Greuter's Helleborine   Epipactis greuteri   Helleborinae A CZ HR
Grigoria Bee Orchid   Ophrys grigoriana   Mammosae Kre
Grésivaudan Bee Orchid   Ophrys gresivaudanica   Fuciflorae F
Habenaria, Tree-lobed   Habenaria tridactylites   - Ten
Halia Bee Orchid   Ophrys halia   Fuciflorae Rho
Heart-Flowered Serapias   Serapias cordigera   - Cor E F I Siz
Heart-Shaped Orchid   Dactylorhiza cordigera   Latifoliae GR
Heath Fragrant Orchid   Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. borealis   - GB N
Heath Spotted Orchid   Dactylorhiza ericetorum   Maculatae GB IRL
Hebes Bee Orchid   Ophrys hebes   Araneiferae GR
Hebridean Marsh Orchid   Dactylorhiza ebudensis   Latifoliae GB
Hebridean Spotted Orchid   Dactylorhiza hebridensis   Maculatae IRL
Heldreich's Orchid   Ophrys heldreichii   Umbilicatae Kre Rho
Helena's Bee Orchid   Ophrys helenae   Araneiferae GR
Helleborine, Aspromonte   Epipactis aspromontana   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Autumn   Epipactis autumnalis   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Beaver   Epipactis fibri   Helleborinae F
Helleborine, Bloodstain   Epipactis sanguinea   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Broad-Leaved   Epipactis helleborine   Helleborinae A CZ D DK F I IRL PL
Helleborine, Broad-Leaved   Epipactis helleborine forma monotropoides   Helleborinae D
Helleborine, Broad-Leaved   Epipactis helleborine xerotherme-var.   Helleborinae E
Helleborine, Brook   Epipactis rivularis   Helleborinae HR
Helleborine, Calabrian   Epipactis calabrica   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Caucasian   Cephalanthera caucasica   - AZ
Helleborine, Cretan   Epipactis cretica   Helleborinae Kre
Helleborine, Dark-red   Epipactis atrorubens   Atrorubentae A D F I IRL Let PL
Helleborine, Dense-Leaved   Epipactis helleborine subsp. densifolia   Helleborinae TR
Helleborine, Dinarian   Epipactis leptochila subsp. dinarica   Helleborinae HR
Helleborine, Dune   Epipactis dunensis   Helleborinae GB
Helleborine, Dutch   Epipactis neerlandica   Helleborinae D DK GB
Helleborine, Eastern Hooded   Cephalanthera epipactoides   - Chi Les
Helleborine, Eastern Violet   Epipactis condensata   Helleborinae Zyp
Helleborine, Etruscian   Epipactis etrusca   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, False Violet   Epipactis pseudopurpurata   Helleborinae SK
Helleborine, Foresta Umbra   Epipactis leptochila subsp. umbrae   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Gargano   Epipactis garganica   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Green-flowered   Epipactis phyllanthes   Helleborinae DK E F GB
Helleborine, Greuter's   Epipactis greuteri   Helleborinae A CZ HR
Helleborine, Hooded   Cephalanthera cucullata   - Kre
Helleborine, Kotschy's   Cephalanthera kotschyana   - AZ
Helleborine, Kurdish   Cephalanthera kurdica   - TR
Helleborine, Large White   Cephalanthera damasonium   - A D F GR HR I
Helleborine, Late Broad-Leaved   Epipactis helleborine subsp. moratoria   Helleborinae D
Helleborine, Leute's   Epipactis leutei   Helleborinae A
Helleborine, Lindisfarne   Epipactis dunensis subsp. sancta   Helleborinae GB
Helleborine, Marsh   Epipactis palustris   Palustres A D E GB IRL
Helleborine, Mecsek   Epipactis mecsekensis   Helleborinae H
Helleborine, Monte Tesoro   Epipactis thesaurensis   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Moravian   Epipactis moravica   Helleborinae H
Helleborine, Mueller's   Epipactis muelleri   Helleborinae D F HR
Helleborine, Mueller's   Epipactis muelleri forma chlorotica   Helleborinae D
Helleborine, Narrow-lipped   Epipactis leptochila subsp. leptochila   Helleborinae D DK F
Helleborine, Neglected   Epipactis neglecta subsp. neglecta   Helleborinae A D F H I
Helleborine, Norden's   Epipactis nordeniorum   Helleborinae A H HR SLO
Helleborine, Peitz'   Epipactis peitzii   Helleborinae D H
Helleborine, Persian   Epipactis persica   Helleborinae TR
Helleborine, Piacenza   Epipactis placentina   Helleborinae CH F
Helleborine, Pontic   Epipactis pontica   Helleborinae A
Helleborine, Portuguese   Epipactis lusitanica   Helleborinae P
Helleborine, Prein   Epipactis greuteri subsp. preinensis   Helleborinae A
Helleborine, Provence   Epipactis provincialis   Helleborinae F
Helleborine, Red   Cephalanthera rubra   - A CH D E F HR Les TR Zyp
Helleborine, Red   Cephalanthera rubra chlorotisch   - HR
Helleborine, Red   Cephalanthera rubra forma alba   - D
Helleborine, Renz'   Epipactis renzii   Helleborinae DK
Helleborine, Rhone   Epipactis bugacensis   Helleborinae CH F
Helleborine, Risborough   Epipactis neglecta var. collina   Helleborinae GB
Helleborine, Robatsch's   Epipactis placentina subsp. robatschiana   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Roman   Epipactis latina   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Scarce Marsh   Epipactis veratrifolia subsp. oaseana   Veratrifoliae IL Zyp
Helleborine, Scarce Marsh   Epipactis veratrifolia subsp. veratrifolia   Veratrifoliae Zyp
Helleborine, Scarlet-Red   Epipactis cardina   Helleborinae E
Helleborine, Schuberts'   Epipactis schubertiorum   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Short-Leaved   Epipactis distans   Helleborinae A D E F PL
Helleborine, Slovakian   Epipactis komoricensis   Helleborinae A
Helleborine, Small-Leaved   Epipactis microphylla   Atrorubentae D F HR I Kre Mal Sar Zyp
Helleborine, Small-flowered   Epipactis kleinii   Atrorubentae E F
Helleborine, Small-flowered   Epipactis kleinii chlorotisch   Atrorubentae E
Helleborine, Southern   Epipactis meridionalis   Helleborinae I Siz
Helleborine, Spanish   Epipactis campeadorii   Helleborinae E
Helleborine, Spurred   Cephalanthera epipactoides   - Chi Les
Helleborine, Sword-Leaved   Cephalanthera longifolia   - A D F GR HR I Kre Les P
Helleborine, Tallos'   Epipactis tallosii   Helleborinae H HR
Helleborine, Thronged   Cephalanthera conferta   - IL
Helleborine, Tremols'   Epipactis tremolsii   Helleborinae E F Sar
Helleborine, Troodos   Epipactis troodi   Helleborinae Zyp
Helleborine, Turkish   Epipactis turcica   Helleborinae Chi Les TR
Helleborine, Tyne   Epipactis dunensis subsp. tynensis   Helleborinae GB
Helleborine, Violet   Epipactis purpurata   Helleborinae D H
Helleborine, Violet   Epipactis purpurata forma rosea   Helleborinae D F
Helleborine, Violet-Colored   Epipactis ioessa   Helleborinae I
Helleborine, Voeth's   Epipactis voethii   Helleborinae A
Helleborine, Welsh Green-flowered   Epipactis phyllanthes var. cambrensis   Helleborinae GB
Helleborine, Young's   Epipactis youngiana   Helleborinae GB
Hera Orchid   Ophrys herae   Mammosae Sam
Hera Orchid, Turkish   Ophrys herae subsp. osmaniaca   Mammosae TR
Holmboe's Butterfly Orchid   Platanthera holmboei   - Les Zyp
Holuby's Orchid   Ophrys holubyana   Fuciflorae CZ
Holy Orchid   Anacamptis sancta   Coriophorae Chi Les Rho Sam
Homer's Bee Orchid   Ophrys homeri   Fuciflorae Chi Les Sam
Hooded Helleborine   Cephalanthera cucullata   - Kre
Hooded Helleborine, Eastern   Cephalanthera epipactoides   - Chi Les
Hooded Orchid   Steveniella satyrioides   - AZ TR Ukr
Hooded Orchid, Iran   Steveniella satyrioides var. iranica   - AZ
Hornet Ophrys   Ophrys crabronifera   Argolicae I
Horsefly   Ophrys oestrifera s.l.   Umbilicatae Rho
Horsefly Bee Orchid   Ophrys cerastes   Umbilicatae GR
Horseshoe Orchid   Ophrys ferrum-equinum   Mammosae Chi GR Les Rho Sam
Horseshoe Orchid   Ophrys ferrum-equinum farbvariante_color-variant   Mammosae Rho
Hybrid Serapias   Serapias olbia   - F
Hyères Orchid   Orchis olbiensis   Masculae E F Mal
Hyères Orchid   Orchis olbiensis farbvariante_color-variant   Masculae E F
Iberian Mirror Orchid   Ophrys vernixia   Ciliatae P
Icel Orchid   Ophrys iceliensis   Mammosae TR
Iceland Orchid   Dactylorhiza islandica   Maculatae Isl
Illyrian Spider Orchid   Ophrys illyrica   Araneiferae HR
Ionian Serapias   Serapias ionica   - HR
Iran Hooded Orchid   Steveniella satyrioides var. iranica   - AZ
Irish Lady's-Tresses   Spiranthes romanzoffiana   - GB IRL
Irish Marsh Orchid   Dactylorhiza kerryensis   Latifoliae IRL
Isaurian Ophrys   Ophrys isaura   Umbilicatae TR
Isidore Bee Orchid, Saint   Ophrys bilunulata subsp. sancti-isidorii   Fusci Les Rho
Isidore Orchid, Saint   Ophrys fusca subsp. sancti-isidorii   Fusci Chi
Israel Ophrys   Ophrys israelitica   Fusci (Omegaiferae) Zyp
Israeli Orchid   Anacamptis israelitica   Moriones IL
Istrian Serapias   Serapias istriaca   - HR
Istrian Spider Orchid   Ophrys tommasinii   Araneiferae HR
Italian Man Orchid   Orchis italica   Militares Chi E GR HR I Kre Les P Rho Sam
Italian Man Orchid   Orchis italica farbvariante_color-variant   Militares Kre Rho Sam
Italian Sawfly Orchid   Ophrys neglecta   Tenthrediniferae I Sar
Italian Sawfly Orchid   Ophrys neglecta deformation   Tenthrediniferae I Sar
Italian Sawfly Orchid   Ophrys neglecta farbvariante_color-variant   Tenthrediniferae I

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