My 50 newest Taxa of European Orchids

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Preview image Anacamptis coriophora subsp. fragrans x Anacamptis pyramidalis - D I
Dactylorhiza lapponica x Pseudorchis albida - A I
Ophrys appennina x Ophrys lacaitae - I
Neotinea commutata / Toothed Orchid Tridentatae I
Ophrys aurelia x Ophrys fuciflora subsp. demangei - F
Ophrys aurelia x Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis - F
Dactylorhiza incarnata x Dactylorhiza pomeranica - D
Dactylorhiza majalis x Dactylorhiza pomeranica - D
Ophrys insectifera x Ophrys scolopax - F
Ophrys cretica subsp. beloniae x Ophrys mammosa - Rho
Ophrys abchasica x Ophrys cyclocheila - AZ
Ophrys bucephala x Ophrys lesbis - Les
Ophrys antalyensis / Antalya Bee Orchid Mammosae TR
Ophrys schulzei / Schulze's Bee Orchid Umbilicatae TR
Cephalanthera kotschyana / Kotschy's Helleborine - AZ
Ophrys caucasica / Caucasian Bee Orchid Mammosae AZ
Orchis caucasica x Orchis punctulata - AZ Zyp
Orchis punctulata x Orchis stevenii - AZ
Orchis stevenii / Steven's Orchid Militares AZ
Orchis adenocheila / Glandular-Lip Orchid Militares AZ
Orchis caucasica / Caucasian Orchid Militares AZ
Steveniella satyrioides var. iranica / Iran Hooded Orchid - AZ
Cephalanthera caucasica / Caucasian Helleborine - AZ
Dactylorhiza flavescens / Yellowish Orchid Sambucinae AZ
Himantoglossum formosum / Caucasian Lizard Orchid - AZ
Ophrys abchasica / Abchasian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae AZ
Ophrys cyclocheila / Round-Lipped Bee Orchid Mammosae AZ
Nigritella kossutensis x Nigritella ravnikii - SLO
Nigritella kossutensis x Nigritella lithopolitanica - SLO
Ophrys gravinensis / Gravina Bee Orchid Araneiferae I
Ophrys bertolonii x Ophrys gravinensis - I
Nigritella graciliflora / Narrow-Lip Vanilla Orchid - A
Nigritella luciae / Light Vanilla Orchid - SLO
Nigritella hygrophila / Humidity-Loving Vanilla Orchid - SLO
Gymnadenia conopsea s.l. x Nigritella lithopolitanica - SLO
Gymnadenia conopsea s.l. x Nigritella kossutensis - SLO
Nigritella ravnikii / Ravnik's Vanilla Orchid - SLO
Nigritella kossutensis / Koschuta Vanilla Orchid - SLO
Nigritella lithopolitanica / Steiner Alpe Vanilla Orchid - SLO
Gymnadenia odoratissima x Nigritella lithopolitanica - A SLO
Gymnadenia conopsea s.l. x Pseudorchis albida - A
Nigritella rhellicani x Pseudorchis albida - A
Ophrys exaltata subsp. cephalonica x Ophrys incubacea - HR
Ophrys incubacea x Ophrys mammosa - AL Chi Sam
Ophrys holoserica subsp. libanotica / Libanon Late Spider Bee Orchid Fuciflorae IL
Anacamptis laxiflora subsp. dinsmorei / Dinsmore's Orchid Laxiflorae IL
Cephalanthera conferta / Thronged Helleborine - IL
Orchis pauciflora x Orchis quadripunctata - Kef
Ophrys stavri / Stavros' Bee Orchid Umbilicatae GR Kef
Ophrys nestoris / Nestor's Bee Orchid Umbilicatae GR


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