Photos of European Plants according to Families

Families sorted according to English Names  .. German Names

Acanthaceae   Acanthus Family Big Families:
Aceraceae   Maple Family Apiaceae
Actinidiaceae   Kiwi Family Asteraceae
Adoxaceae   Moschatel Family Boraginaceae
Aizoazeae   Ice Plant Family Brassicaceae
Alismataceae   Water Plantain Family Caryophyllaceae
Amaranthaceae   Amaranth Family Cyperaceae
Amaryllidaceae   Amaryllis Family Fabaceae
Anacardiaceae   Sumach Family Lamiaceae
Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)   Umbellifers Liliaceae
Apocynaceae   Periwinkle Family Poaceae
Aquifoliaceae   Holly Family Primulaceae
Araceae   Arum Family Ranunculaceae
Araliaceae   Ivy Family Rosaceae
Arecaceae   Palm Family Scrophulariaceae
Aristolochiaceae   Birthwort Family
Asclepiadaceae   Milkweed Family
Asteraceae (Compositae)   Composite Family
Azollaceae   Water Fern Family
Balanophoraceae (Cynomoriaceae)   Cynomorium Family
Balsaminaceae   Balsam Family
Berberidaceae   Barberry Family
Betulaceae   Birch Family
Bignoniaceae   Catalpa Family
Boraginaceae   Borrage Family
Brassicaceae (Cruciferae)   Crucifers
Bryophytina (Musci)   Mosses
Buddlejaceae   Butterfly Bush Family
Butomaceae   Flowering Rush Family
Buxaceae   Box Family
Cactaceae   Cactus Family
Callitrichaceae   Water Starwort Family
Campanulaceae   Bellflower Family
Cannabaceae   Hop Family
Capparaceae   Caper Family
Caprifoliaceae   Honeysuckle Family
Caricaceae   Papaya Family
Caryophyllaceae   Campion Family
Celastraceae   Spindle Family
Ceratophyllaceae   Hornwort Family
Characeae   Stoneworts
Chenopodiaceae   Goosefoot Family
Cistaceae   Rockrose Family
Cneoraceae   Spurge Olive Family
Commelinaceae   Spiderwort Family
Compositae (Asteraceae)   Composite Family
Convolvulaceae   Bindweed Family
Coriariaceae   Coriaria Family
Cornaceae   Dogwood Family
Crassulaceae   Stonecrop Family
Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)   Crucifers
Cucurbitaceae   Cucumber Family
Cupressaceae   Cypresse Family
Cynomoriaceae (Balanophoraceae)   Cynomorium Family
Cyperaceae   Sedge Family
Dioscoreaceae   Black-Bryony Family
Dipsacaceae   Teasel Family
Droseraceae   Sundew Family
Ebenaceae   Ebony Family
Elaeagnaceae   Sea-Buckthorn Family
Elatinaceae   Waterwort Family
Empetraceae   Crowberry Family
Ephedraceae   Joint Pine Family
Equisetaceae   Horsetail Family
Ericaceae   Heather Family
Euphorbiaceae   Spurge Family
Fabaceae (Leguminosae)   Legumes
Fagaceae   Beech Family
Filicopsida (Polypodiaceae)   Ferns
Frankeniaceae   Frankenia Family
Fucaceae   Seaweeds
Fumariaceae   Fumitory Family
Garriceae   Aucuba Family
Gentianaceae   Gentian Family
Geraniaceae   Crane's-Bill Family
Gesneriaceae   Gesneria Family
Ginkgoaceae   Ginkgo Family
Globulariaceae   Globularia Family
Graminaceae (Poaceae)   Grass Family
Guttiferaceae (Hypericaceae)   St.John's Wort Family
Haloragaceae   Water Milfoil Family
Hamamelidaceae   Witch Hazle Family
Hippocastanaceae   Horse Chestnut Family
Hippuridaceae   Mare's-Tail Family
Hydrangeaceae   Hydrangea Family
Hydrocharitaceae   Frogbit Family
Hydrophyllaceae   Phacelia Family
Hymenophyllaceae   Hymenophyllum Family
Hypericaceae (Guttiferaceae)   St.John's Wort Family
Iridaceae   Iris Family
Juglandaceae   Walnut Family
Juncaceae   Rush Family
Juncaginaceae   Arrowgrass Family
Labiatae (Lamiaceae)   Mint Family
Lamiaceae (Labiatae)   Mint Family
Lauraceae   Laurel Family
Lecanorales   Lichens
Leguminosae (Fabaceae)   Legumes
Lemnaceae   Duckweed Family
Lentibulariaceae   Bladderwort Family
Liliaceae   Lily Family
Linaceae   Linseed Family
Loranthaceae   Mistletoe Family
Lycopodiaceae   Clubmoss Family
Lythraceae   Purple Loosestrife Family
Magnoliaceae   Magnolia Family
Malvaceae   Mallow Family
Marchantiales   Liverworts
Marsileaceae   Water Clover Family
Meliaceae   Mahogany Family
Menyanthaceae   Bogbean Family
Moraceae   Mulberry Family
Musaceae   Banana Family
Musci (Bryophytina)   Mosses
Myoporaceae   Mousehole Tree Family
Myricaceae   Bog Myrtle Family
Myrtaceae   Myrtle Family
Nostocaceae   Blue-Green Algae
Nyctaginaceae   Marvel-of-Peru Family
Nymphaeaceae   Water Lily Family
Oleaceae   Ash Family
Onagraceae   Willowherb Family
Ophioglossaceae   Adder's-Tongue Fern Family
Orchidaceae   Orchid Family
Orobanchaceae   Broomrape Family
Osmundaceae   Royal Fern Family
Oxalidaceae   Wood-Sorrel Family
Paeoniaceae   Peony Family
Papaveraceae   Poppy Family
Papilionaceae (Fabaceae)   Legumes
Passifloraceae   Passion Flower Family
Phytolaccaceae   Pokeweed Family
Pinaceae   Pine Family
Pittosporaceae   Pittosporum Family
Plantaginaceae   Plantain Family
Platanaceae   Plane Tree Family
Plumbaginaceae   Thrift Family
Poaceae (Graminaceae)   Grass Family
Polemoniaceae   Jacob's-Ladder Family
Polygalaceae   Milkwort Family
Polygonaceae   Knotweed Family
Polypodiaceae (Pteridopsida)   Ferns
Portulacaceae   Purslane Family
Posidoniaceae   Seagrass Family
Potamogetonaceae   Pontweed Family
Primulaceae   Primrose Family
Pteridopsida (Polypodiaceae)   Ferns
Punicaceae   Pomegranate Family
Pyrolaceae   Wintergreen Family
Rafflesiaceae   Cytine Family
Ranunculaceae   Buttercup Family
Resedaceae   Mignonette Family
Rhamnaceae   Buckthorn Family
Rhodophytina   Red Algae
Rosaceae   Rose Family
Rubiaceae   Bedstraw Family
Ruppiaceae   Ditch-Grass Family
Rutaceae   Rue Family
Salicaceae   Willow Family
Salviniaceae   Floating Fern Family
Santalaceae   Sandalwood Family
Sapindaceae   Golden-Rain Tree Family
Saxifragaceae   Saxifrage Family
Scheuchzeriaceae   Rannoch Rush Family
Scrophulariaceae   Figwort Family
Selaginellaceae   Lesser Clubmoss Family
Simaroubaceae   Tree-of-Heaven Family
Solanaceae   Nightshade Family
Sparganiaceae   Bur-Reed Family
Staphyleaceae   Bladdernut Family
Sterculiaceae   Sterculia Family
Styracaceae   Styrax Family
Tamaricaceae   Tamarisk Family
Taxaceae   Yew Family
Teloschistales   Crustose Lichens
Tetragoniaceae   New-Zealand Spinach Family
Theligonaceae   Dog's Cabbage Family
Thymelaeaceae   Daphne Family
Tiliaceae   Lime Family
Trapaceae   Water-Caltrop Family
Tropaeolaceae   Nasturtium Family
Typhaceae   Bulrush Family
Ulmaceae   Elm Family
Ulvales   Green Algae
Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)   Umbellifers
Urticaceae   Nettle Family
Valerianaceae   Valerian Family
Verbenaceae   Verbena Family
Violaceae   Violet Family
Vitaceae   Grape-Vine Family
Zannichelliaceae   Horned Pondweed Family
Zosteraceae   Sea Grass Family
Zygophyllaceae   Caltrop Family
{???}   {Unknown_Family}
For combined criteria out of Family, Flower Anatomy, Color, and Leaf Form see here.

Families sorted according to English Names  .. German Names


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