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Photos of European Plants according to Regions
The plant photos appear in the regions where the photos have been taken, but not in those regions where the plants are occurring, too.

Northern Sweden         Tunisia        
Southern Sweden        
Sweden: Öland         Tenerife        
Denmark         La Palma        
Great Britain         La Gomera        
Netherland Zeeland         Portugal        
Netherland, Noord-Brabant + Gelderland         E Andalusia        
Netherland, Zuid Limburg         E Prov. Alicante        
Belgium         Central Spain        
Luxembourg         Prov. Teruel + Cuenca        
Northern Germany         Asturia + Cantabria        
Central + Eastern Germany         E Prov. Burgos        
D Lower Rhine Valley         E La Rioja + Alava        
D Ruhr         Basque Region        
D Sauerland + Siegerland         E Navarra        
D Hunsrueck + Eifel         E Catalunya        
D Saarland + Moseltal         Spanish Pyrenees        
D Hessen         Andorra        
D Spessart        
D Tauber region         E Majorca        
D Mosbach region         Corsica        
D Odenwald         I Sardinia        
D Donnersberg         I Sicily        
D Palatinate + Rhine-Hesse        
D Mannheim (Rhine Valley)         I Cilento + more southern        
D Kraichgau und Karlsruhe Region         I Puglia        
D Pforzheim         I Abruzzo        
D Black Forest         I Latium        
D Southern Rhine Valley         I Umbria + Marche        
D Region Stuttgart         I Toscana        
D Suebian-Franconian Forest         I Emilia Romagna        
D Schwäbische Alb         I Liguria        
D Lech Heaths near Augsburg         Italian Alps        
D Pupplinger Au (Bavaria)         I Venetia        
D Allgäu         I Friuli        
German Alps        
D Franken         Slovenia        
D Other parts of Bavaria         Czechia        
D Cultivated plants         Eastern Poland near Augustow        
Region Bodensee / Lac de Constance         Armenia        
Austrian Alps        
Eastern Austria         Croatia Istria        
Liechtenstein         Croatia, Northern Dalmatia        
Switzerland         Croatia, Southern Dalmatia        
French Alps         Croatia Interior        
F Jura        
F Dept. Drome + Isère         Northern Greece        
F Northern Provence         Central Greece        
F Cote d'Azur         GR Peloponnes        
F Maures         GR Cephalonia        
F Dept. Bouches-du-Rhone + Vaucluse         GR Crete        
F Dept. Gard, Herault, Aude         GR Rodhos        
Cevennes         GR Samos        
F Corbières         GR Chios        
F French Pyrenees         GR Mitilini        
Southwest France        
Western France         Southern Cyprus        
Northern France        
F Lorraine         Turkey        
F Alsace         Israel        


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