100 Species of European Orchids with new added Photos

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Preview image Gymnadenia conopsea s.l. x Nigritella rhellicani - A I
Anacamptis coriophora subsp. fragrans x Anacamptis pyramidalis - D I
Anacamptis morio x Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. papilionacea - I
Anacamptis morio x Anacamptis pyramidalis - CH F I
Dactylorhiza lapponica x Pseudorchis albida - A I
Pseudorchis albida / Small White Orchid - A D F GB
Platanthera chlorantha / Greater Butterfly Orchid - D F GR I NL
Nigritella rubra / Red Vanilla Orchid - A
Nigritella widderi / Widder's Vanilla Orchid - A
Gymnadenia conopsea s.l. / Common Fragrant Orchid - A D F HR I NL
Ophrys sipontensis / Siponto Bee Orchid Araneiferae I
Aceras anthropophorum / Man Orchid Militares CH D F GR HR I Kre P
Ophrys appennina x Ophrys lacaitae - I
Ophrys lacaitae / Lacaita's Ophrys Fuciflorae I Siz
Neotinea commutata / Toothed Orchid Tridentatae I
Ophrys appennina / Appennins Late Spider Bee Orchid Fuciflorae I
Limodorum abortivum / Violet Limodore - Cor D E F GR HR I IL Kre Les Rho Sam Zyp
Listera ovata / Common Twayblade - A D F GB HR IRL Kre Sar
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x Dactylorhiza incarnata - CH D I
Ophrys scolopax / Woodcock Orchid Umbilicatae D E F
Anacamptis pyramidalis / Pyramidal Orchid Anacamptis D GB I IRL Kre Les Mal P Rho Sam
Dactylorhiza incarnata / Early Marsh Orchid Incarnatae CH D F
Ophrys aurelia x Ophrys fuciflora subsp. demangei - F
Ophrys tenthredinifera / Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae E F GR Mal Rho TR
Ophrys speculum / Mirror Orchid Ciliatae E F Mal Sar Siz Tun
Neotinea maculata / Dense-flowered Orchid Tridentatae Chi E F GR HR I Kre Mal Rho Sam Ten Zyp
Ophrys linearis Fuciflorae F
Aceras anthropophorum x Orchis militaris - D F
Ophrys aurelia x Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis - F
Dactylorhiza incarnata x Dactylorhiza sambucina - F
Ophrys splendida Araneiferae F
Ophrys exaltata subsp. arachnitiformis Farbvariante_Color variant / False Spider Orchid Araneiferae F
Cephalanthera longifolia / Sword-Leaved Helleborine - A D F GR HR I Kre Les P
Cephalanthera damasonium / Large White Helleborine - A D F GR HR I
Epipactis leptochila subsp. leptochila / Narrow-lipped Helleborine Helleborinae D DK F
Anacamptis laxiflora / Loose-flowered Orchid Laxiflorae F GR HR Kre Rho Sam Sar
Orchis simia / Monkey Orchid Militares D F GR I Kre
Anacamptis laxiflora x Anacamptis palustris - F GR
Anacamptis coriophora subsp. fragrans / Fragrant Orchid Coriophorae F GR HR I Kre Les Mal P Rho Sam Sar
Orchis prisca Patentes Kre
Ophrys leochroma / Lion-Maned Orchid Tenthrediniferae Chi GR Kre Rho
Ophrys iricolor / Rainbow Bee Orchid Fusci (Iricolores) Chi GR Kre Rho Sam Zyp
Ophrys heldreichii / Heldreich's Orchid Umbilicatae Kre Rho
Orchis italica / Wavy-Leaved Monkey Orchid, Italian Man Orchid Militares Chi E GR HR I Kre Les P Rho Sam
Ophrys thriptiensis / Early Thripti Orchid Fusci Kre
Serapias cordigera subsp. cretica / Cretan Serapias - Kre
Ophrys candica Fuciflorae I Kre Rho
Serapias cordigera subsp. cretica x Serapias lingua - Kre
Ophrys creticola / Cretan Dull Orchid Fusci Kre
Ophrys episcopalis Fuciflorae Kre
Ophrys sitiaca / Sitia Bee Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) Kre Rho
Ophrys sicula / Sicilian Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae) GR I Kre Les Rho Sam Siz
Ophrys basilissa / Royal Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) Chi Kre
Orchis purpurea x Orchis simia - F
Platanthera algeriensis / Algerian Butterfly Orchid - E Sar
Ophrys atlantica / Atlas Ophrys Fusci (Omegaiferae) E
Ophrys dyris / Moroccan Bee Orchid Fusci (Omegaiferae) E Mal
Orchis militaris x Orchis simia - D F
Coeloglossum viride / Frog Orchid - A D F GB I IRL
Anacamptis collina / Fan-Lipped Orchid Saccatae Kre Rho Siz Zyp
Dactylorhiza romana / Roman Orchid Sambucinae HR I Kre Sam Siz TR Zyp
Dactylorhiza praetermissa / Southern Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae D GB NL
Orchis mascula / Early Purple Orchid Masculae D E F I IRL S Sam
Ophrys elatior Fuciflorae D
Dactylorhiza majalis / Broad-Leaved Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae A D F
Orchis ovalis Masculae A F HR I
Ophrys dinarica / Dinarian Orchid Fuciflorae HR I
Cypripedium calceolus / Lady's Slipper, Ladyslipper - A D F I
Orchis militaris x Orchis purpurea - D F
Dactylorhiza ochroleuca / Fen Marsh Orchid Incarnatae D Lie
Dactylorhiza sambucina / Elder-flower Orchid, Adam-and-Eve Sambucinae A D E F GR HR I
Aceras anthropophorum x Orchis simia - D F I
Dactylorhiza incarnata x Dactylorhiza pomeranica - D
Dactylorhiza majalis x Dactylorhiza pomeranica - D
Dactylorhiza fuchsii / Common Spotted Orchid Maculatae A CH D Est F GB HR I IRL NL SLO
Epipactis renzii / Renz' Helleborine Helleborinae DK
Epipactis phyllanthes / Green-flowered Helleborine Helleborinae DK E F GB
Epipactis neerlandica / Dutch Helleborine Helleborinae D DK GB
Orchis punctulata / Punctate Orchid Punctulatae AZ IL TR Zyp
Ophrys insectifera x Ophrys scolopax - F
Ophrys apifera / Bee Orchid Apiferae D F HR I IRL Kre Mal P Rho Siz
Ophrys lucis Argolicae Rho
Ophrys cretica subsp. beloniae x Ophrys mammosa - Rho
Anacamptis papilionacea subsp. thaliae / Thalia Butterfly Orchid Papilionaceae Rho
Ophrys polyxo / Polyxo Orchid Umbilicatae Rho
Ophrys speculum subsp. orientalis Ciliatae GR Rho
Ophrys cretica subsp. beloniae / Naxos Bee Orchid Reinholdiae Rho
Ophrys blitopertha / Blitopertha Beetle Fusci Rho
Ophrys reinholdii / Reinhold's Bee Orchid Reinholdiae Chi Rho Sam
Ophrys araneola x Ophrys sphegodes - D F
Ophrys araneola / Small Spider Orchid Araneiferae D F
Ophrys sphegodes / Early Spider Orchid Araneiferae D E F HR I
Ophrys phryganae / Phrygana Bee Orchid Fusci (Luteae) Chi GR Kre Rho
Ophrys mammosa / Mammosa Orchid Mammosae Chi GR Rho Sam
Ophrys calypsus Umbilicatae Chi GR Rho Sam
Ophrys oreas / Oreades Orchid Fuciflorae Rho
Ophrys regis-ferdinandii Ciliatae Chi Rho Sam
Ophrys rhodia / Rhodian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae Rho
Serapias bergonii / Bergon's Serapias - Chi GR Kre Les Rho Sam Siz
Ophrys ferrum-equinum / Horseshoe Orchid Mammosae Chi GR Les Rho Sam


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