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Preview image Anacamptis champagneuxii Moriones E F
Cephalanthera rubra / Red Helleborine - A CH D E F HR Les TR Zyp
Dactylorhiza cantabrica / Cantabrian Orchid Sambucinae E
Dactylorhiza elata / Robust Marsh Orchid Latifoliae/Angustifoliae E F
Dactylorhiza insularis Sambucinae E F I
Dactylorhiza maculata / Spotted Orchid Maculatae A D E F I
Epipactis campeadorii / Spanish Helleborine Helleborinae E
Epipactis kleinii chlorotisch / Small-flowered Helleborine Atrorubentae E
Epipactis kleinii / Small-flowered Helleborine Atrorubentae E F
Epipactis tremolsii / Tremols' Helleborine Helleborinae E F Sar
Gymnadenia conopsea subsp. pyrenaica / Pyrenean Fragrant Orchid - E F
Limodorum abortivum / Violet Limodore - Cor D E F GR HR I Kre Les Rho Sam Zyp
Limodorum trabutianum / Trabut's Limodore - E F I
Neotinea ustulata / Burnt Orchid Tridentatae D E F GR
Neottia nidus-avis / Bird's-Nest Orchid - A D E HR I
Nigritella gabasiana / Gabas Vanilla Orchid - E F
Ophrys arnoldii / Arnold's Orchid Fusci E Mal
Ophrys aveyronensis / Aveyron Spider Orchid Araneiferae E F
Ophrys castellana Araneiferae E
Ophrys catalaunica Bertoloniorum E F
Ophrys corbariensis / Corbières Bee Orchid Umbilicatae E F
Ophrys dyris Fusci (omegaifera s.l.) E Mal
Ophrys exaltata subsp. arachnitiformis / False Spider Orchid Araneiferae E F I
Ophrys ficalhoana / Late Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae E P
Ophrys forestieri / Dull Orchid Fusci E F
Ophrys garganica subsp. passionis / Passion Bee Orchid Araneiferae E F
Ophrys incubacea var. rubriflora / Redflowered Black Spider Orchid Araneiferae E
Ophrys insectifera / Fly Orchid Musciferae A D E F I IRL
Ophrys riojana / La Rioja Orchid Araneiferae E
Ophrys sphegifera / Tunisian Bee Orchid Umbilicatae E P
Ophrys sphegodes / Early Spider Orchid Araneiferae D E F HR I
Ophrys subinsectifera Musciferae E
Ophrys tenthredinifera / Sawfly Orchid Tenthrediniferae E F GR Mal Rho TR
Ophrys vasconica / Gascogne Orchid Fusci (omegaifera s.l.) E F
Orchis italica / Wavy-Leaved Monkey Orchid, Italian Man Orchid Militares Chi E GR HR I Kre Les P Rho Sam
Orchis langei Masculae E F
Orchis olbiensis Farbvariante_Color variant Masculae E F
Orchis olbiensis Masculae E F Mal
Orchis provincialis var. rubra / Provence Orchid Masculae E
Orchis purpurea Farbvariante_Color variant / Lady Orchid Militares E F
Orchis purpurea / Lady Orchid Militares D E F GR I
Serapias cordigera / Heart-Flowered Serapias - Cor E I Siz

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